IK 2015 Focus Theme: "From Neuron to Person: Assembling Behavior and Cognition"

IK 2014 Focus Theme: "Cognition 3.0 -- the social mind in the connected world"

IK 2013 Focus Theme: "Wicked Problems, Complexity and Wisdom"

IK 2012 Focus Theme: "Emotion and Aesthetics"

IK 2011 Focus Theme: "Autonomy, Decisions and Free Will"

IK 2010 Focus Theme: "Play, Act and Learn"

IK 2009 Focus Theme: "Rhythm and Timing"

  • Chairs: Herbert Jaeger (Bremen), Thomas Kammer (Ulm), Gregor Schöner (Bochum)

IK 2008 Focus Theme: "Cooperation"

  • Chairs: Josep Call (Leipzig), Ipke Wachsmuth (Bielefeld)

IK 2007 Focus Theme: "Embodied Minds"

  • Chairs: Ansgar Büschges (Cologne), Stefan Kopp (Bielefeld)

IK 2006 Focus Theme: "Learning"

  • Chairs: Rainer Malaka (Heidelberg), Manfred Spitzer (Ulm)

IK 2005 Focus Theme: "Real, Mental and Virtual Space"

  • Chairs: Nicole Krämer (Cologne), Hanspeter Mallot (Tübingen)

IK 2004 Focus Theme: "Body and Motion"

  • Chairs: Herbert Jaeger (Bremen), Holk Cruse (Bielefeld)


IK 2003 Focus Theme: "Applications, Brains and Computers"

  • Chairs: Gerhard Strube (Freiburg), Rainer Malaka (Heidelberg)


IK 2002 Focus Theme: "Autonomie und Emotion"

  • Chairs: Thomas Christaller (Sankt Augustin), Manfred Spitzer (Ulm)


IK 2001 Focus Theme: "Kommunikation"

  • Chairs: Ipke Wachsmuth (Bielefeld), Elke Zimmermann (Hannover)


IK 2000 Focus Theme: "Sehen und Handeln"

  • Chairs: Gerhard Roth (Bremen), Hanspeter Mallot (Tübingen)


IK 1998 Focus Theme: "Sprache und Kommunikation"

  • Chair: Raul Rojas (Berlin)


IK 1997  Erstes Interdisziplinäres Kolleg

  • Chairs: Christopher Habel (Hamburg), Hanspeter Mallot (Tübingen), Helge Ritter (Bielefeld), Claus Rollinger (Osnabrück)