The complete program with course descriptions and biographical information of all lecturers be updated gradually.

Focus Theme: Transitions and Transformations in Cognition, Biology, and Interactive Systems

You may also find some further thoughts on the focus theme of 2016 here.

Basic Courses

Method Courses

Special Courses

Transitions in Organization I: From Individuals to Groups, to Superorganisms

Transitions in Organization II: From Neurons to Mind

Dynamics, Organization, and Reorganization of the Brain

Transformation and Change in Human Life and Culture

Artificial Cognitive Systems for Creativity and Intelligent Behavior  

Evening Lectures

  • Levels of Cognition in a Miniature Brain: The Honeybee, Randolf Menzel, FU Berlin, Germany
  • Social Robots, Luc Steels, Inst. for Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF), Barcelona, Spain
  • Using Virtual Reality and Genetics to Link Neural Circuits With Cognition in Drosophila, Andrew Straw, U Freiburg, Germany
  • Making Symmetric Organisms Move: Transition and Transformation in Neural Control, Ansgar Büschges, U Köln, Germany

Practical Course