Focus Theme 2010:

"Play, Act and Learn"

Each IK has a special focus theme, which is addressed by about 60 % of the material taught at an IK. The theme of IK-2010 is "Play, Act and Learn", and seeks to examine the function of playing, fun and entertainment in humans and animals as well as on neuronal levels. For this the organizers have created a program that covers the following aspects:

  • Cooperation and game theory on biological, economic and psychological levels
  • Language games and language evolution
  • Human computation, serious gaming and entertainment computing
  • The role of play in human development
  • Computer games
  • Playing and learning from animals to robots

IK 2010 Program

Basic Courses

  • BC1: Computational Neuroscience (Florian Roehrbein, Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
  • BC2: Social Challenges for Cognitive Science (Günther Knoblich, University of Nijmegen)
  • BC3:The Computational Study of Language (John Bateman, University of Bremen)
  • BC4: Neurobiology of Learning (Ansgar Büschges, University of Cologne and Manfred Spitzer, University of Ulm)

Method Courses

  • MC1: Multi-Agent Systems: Hands On (Nhung Nguyen/Hana Boukricha, University of Bielefeld)
  • MC2: Functional Neuroimaging and Brain Reading (John-Dylan Haynes, Bernstein Center Berlin)
  • MC3: Implementing Language Games (Vanessa Micelli/Remi van Trijp/Michael Spranger, SONY CLS, Paris and Pieter Wellens, VUB Brussels)
  • MC4: Machine Learning (Herbert Jaeger, Jacobs University, Bremen)
    Special Courses:

Artificial Intelligence at Play

  • SC1: Language Games for Autonomous Robots (Luc Steels, VUB Brussels, Belgium and Sony CSL, Paris, France)
  • SC2: Entertainment Computing (Don Marinelli, University of Pittsburg)
  • SC3: A Cognitive Systems Approach to Cooperative Game Playing (Peter Ford Dominey, CNRS, Lyon)
  • SC4: Reasoning and Action in Location-based Games (Christoph Schlieder, University of Bamberg)

Playful Communication and Cooperation

  • SC5: Experimental Semiotics (Bruno Galantucci, Yeshiva University, NY)
  • SC6: Creating Believable Game Characters (Karl Grammer/Lisa Oberzaucher, University of Vienna)
  • SC7: Evolution of Cooperation (Karl Sigmund, University of Vienna)
  • SC8: The Rules of the Game: Cognitive Constraints on Musical Virtuosity and Musical Humor (Justin London, Carleton College)

Play and Develop

  • SC9: Role of Play in Development (Sarah Beck, University of Birmingham)
  • SC10: Playing in Animals (Ludwig Huber, University of Vienna)
  • SC11: Anthropology of Play (Maurice Bloch, Cambridge University)
  • SC12: Pretence Play (Hannes Rakoczy, University of Göttingen) (!Replaces Achim Stephan's course!)

The Gaming Experience

  • SC13: Human Computation (Massimo Poesio, University of Essex)
  • SC14: Game Design (Jörg Niesenhaus, University of Duisburg)
  • SC15: Intelligent Interactive Entertainment Systems (Marc Erich Latoschik, University of Bayreuth)
  • SC16: Serious Gaming (Marc Herrlich, University of Bremen)
  • SC17: Affective Computing (Christian Becker-Asano, ATR Kyoto)

Practical Courses

  • PC 1: Improvisational Theatre (Brenda Harger, CMU Pittsburg)
  • PC 2: Tango Argentino (Jytte Koppen and Utz Weißenfels, University of Bremen)

Evening Talks

  • ET 1: Playing with Language (Nancy Chang, University of Berkeley)
  • ET 2: Chess and Mind (Katharina Turecek, a-head Vienna, Austria)
  • ET 3: Brain Dance (Manfred Spitzer, Univerisity of Ulm and the El Norte Tango Trio and the Maldito Tango Dance Company)
  • Pre-Dinner Talk: On Virtuosity (Fraincois Pachet, SONY CLS Paris)


  • Bateman, John (University of Bremen)
  • Beck, Sarah (University of Birmingham)
  • Becker-Asano, Christian (ATR Kyoto)
  • Bloch, Maurice (Cambridge University)
  • Boukricha, Hana (University of Bielefeld)
  • Büschges, Ansgar (University of Cologne)
  • Chang, Nancy (University of Berkeley)
  • Dominey, Peter Ford (CNRS, Lyon)
  • Galantucci, Bruno (Yeshiva University)
  • Grammer, Karl (University of Vienna)
  • Harger, Brenda  (CMU Pittsburg)
  • Haynes, John-Dylan (Bernstein Center, Berlin)
  • Herrlich, Marc (University of Bremen)
  • Huber, Ludwig (University of Vienna)
  • Jaeger, Herbert (Jacobs University, Bremen)
  • Knoblich, Günther (University of Nijmegen)
  • Koppen, Jytte (University of Bremen)
  • Latoschik, Marc Erich (University of Bayreuth)
  • London, Justin (Carleton College)
  • Marinelli, Don (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Micelli, Vanessa (SONY CLS, Paris)
  • Nguyen, Nhung (University of Bielefeld)
  • Niesenhaus, Jörg (Universität Duisburg)
  • Oberzaucher, Lisa (University of Vienna)
  • Pachet, Francois (SONY CLS,Paris)
  • Poesio, Massimo (University of Essex)
  • Rakoczy, Hannes (University of Göttingen)
  • Roehrbein, Florian (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
  • Schlieder, Christoph (University of Bamberg)
  • Sigmund, Karl (University of Vienna)
  • Spitzer, Manfred (University of Ulm)
  • Steels, Luc (VUB Brussels, Belgium and Sony CSL, Paris, France)
  • Turecek, Katharina (a-head Vienna, Austria)
  • van Trijp, Remi (SONY CLS, Paris)
  • Weißenfels, Utz (University of Arts, Bremen)
  • Wellens, Pieter (VUB Brussels)

Executive Committee